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Speech Analysis

Choose a famous speech to analyze and incorporate the following into the analysis. 1. Discuss who you think the intended audience is for the speech....

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Calculus project

I am wondering if someone can do a small calculus project for me in less than a day. I will give you all the information necessary but I would like...

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  Complete the Chapter 1 mini-case, p. 55–56. Prepare this Assignment as a Word® document. List each question (a–r), followed by your answer....

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unit iv,vi history

1.)Describe the difference and similarities between inside lobbying and outside lobbying. Discuss laws and regulations that apply to each. Your...

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Think Piece

This assignment is a “think piece,” which is an essay that requires you to interact with a subject and develop your own interpretation based on that...

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Unit 7 Essay

 Instructions What shaped Western culture in the period 1300-1550 more: the Black Death’s emphasis on the afterlife (the hereafter) or the...

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final project

Locate and evaluate a periodical or newspaper article in print or online (e.g,, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time magazine, The Economist,...

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Assignment 4A

  Part 1- 400 Words APA Format- Please have 4 references   What powers does a president have to influence the economy? Illustrate these...

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America histrory

For every question, use one or two paragraphs to answer it. Don’t make this like a float essay.   1. How social movements such...

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History Questions

Questions 1. Explain one of the causes of the American Revolution, and its impact on one foreign nation (250 word minimum). 2. Analyze how the...

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history final

Part 1. Identifications- Identify and state the significance of 10 (ten) of the following twenty IDs. (5 points each)   Bleeding...

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Cinema Paper 1

No Plagirarsm Due Wednesday September 14, 2016 by noon  It doesn’t matter which film choosen as long as it falls within guidelines...

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History 1111

   • Answer both questions shown below – Each answer/response must be 1 to 3 pages (300-500+ words) • Both sides of any Compare and...

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US ECON History

You are required to submit a one page reaction paper to the video shown in class.  The reactions must be typed, double spaced...

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discussion 2

  Prepare: Take a few minutes to think about the material that we’ve covered in this course so far.   Reflect: Reflect on what...

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Race over Empire

   Using Race Over Empire, you will need to write an essay of at least 750 words answering the following questions using specific evidence...

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hi 2 s

Web 2.0: 2001–Present It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is so, then the average SLP essay of 2–3 pages, which averages...

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Writing assignment #2: Write a 3 page paper with a title page and bibliography. Total of 5 pages will be turned in. Save your paper in WORD document...

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Project Research

 1 Select three artifacts from the “pool” of available artifacts. ( 1946 Vespa Motor Scooter, 1950 Kodak Brownie Camera, 1950 Porsche 356) 2...

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