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NEED IN 30 minutes.After about ___ minutes, your ability to

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NEED IN 30 minutes.After about ___ minutes, your ability to remember what you read lessens.303515201 points  QUESTION 2To maintain your focus, you should ___ read when you are tired.try tomaybe notdefinitely notdefinitely1 points  QUESTION 3When you read nonfiction, you are reading for ___.entertainmentinformationenjoymentimagination1 points  QUESTION 4What is the third step of SQ3R?readsurveyreciterecall1 points  QUESTION 5Which sentence about controlling statements is true?The controlling statement lists the details of your argument.The controlling statement controls the writing you will do.The controlling statement sums up your argument.The controlling statement explains all the writing you will do.1 points  QUESTION 6The thesis statement keeps your writing ____.neatcleaninterestingfocused1 points  QUESTION 7Which shape visually depicts what your introduction should look like?inverted rectangleinverted pyramidinverted ovalupright square1 points  QUESTION 8Most introductions use at least ___ sentences.twothreefourfive1 points  QUESTION 9The second sentence of the conclusion can _____.mention other ideas related to the topicshift the argument into a new directionchange the thesis statement’s focusnone of the above1 points  QUESTION 10Which idea should be in the last sentence of the conclusion?the bestthe longestthe biggestthe most interesting1 points  QUESTION 11A compare/contrast graphic organizer would be useful when ____.reading about one ideareading about two ideasreading about airplanesreading about animals1 points  QUESTION 12Where the two circles in a compare/contrast graph overlap, you should write about how the two topics____.are differentare the sameare interestingare described1 points  QUESTION 13The top circle in a main idea/details graph contains _____.the thesis statementthe conclusionthe introductionthe body paragraphs1 points  QUESTION 14What information is found in the bottom circles of a main idea/details diagram that outlines an essay?the main idea of each supporting paragraphthe conclusion of the essaythe controlling idea of the piece of writingthe thesis statement of the piece of writing1 points  QUESTION 15The ____ are the repercussions of an event.causeseffectseventsreasons1 points  QUESTION 16What is the cause in this sentence?Lisa pushed Max on the basketball court, and he fell and got a concussion.Max fell.Max got a concussion.Lisa pushed Max.none of the above1 points  QUESTION 17A Sequence Diagram is similar to a ______.main idea/details DiagramCompare/Contrast DiagramFlowchartCause/Effect Diagram1 points  QUESTION 18Which word would most likely appear in a Sequence Diagram?bothcausefinallydetail1 points  QUESTION 19Which part of a friendly letter is usually several paragraphs long?the closingthe salutationthe headingthe body1 points  QUESTION 20How many parts does a friendly letter have?54671 points  QUESTION 21A friendly letter is _____.a formal letter to someone you don’t knowa personal note to someone you know wella thank you note for after a job interviewa personal letter for a business contact1 points  QUESTION 22Which would be an appropriate topic for a friendly letter?asking for a product samplemaking a product complaintresponding to a job adsaying thank you for a gift1 points  QUESTION 23Which of the graphic organizers that you learned about do you find the most helpful and why?Press Tab to enter the content editor. For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac).Path: Path: pWords:04 points  Click Save and Submit to save a


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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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