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[Solution] Project #2, MTH – 154 Quantitative Reasoning

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Recent Orders

Project #2, MTH – 154 Quantitative Reasoning

Create a Sales Report and make Analysis of your Expenses during one-two month time period


· Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook

· Enter Data in a Worksheet

· Construct and Copy Formulas and Use the Functions; Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations

· Format Cells with Merge & Center, Cell Styles, and Themes

· Chart Data to Create different Column Charts

· Format all tables as ready for Print Worksheet, Display Formulas



1. Create the table in Excel with original data; create a title for this table.

2. List for Groceries category at least 10 positions; for Entertainment 2-5, for Other 3 positions (for example, rent, books, gas, etc.). You have to create a bigger table than below.

  Price for


Number of


Total, $ %% of Total Expenses
Milk     <formula>  
Bread     <formula>  
    Total Sales Tax <formula>  
    Total <formula> <formula>
    Total Sales Tax <formula>  
    Total <formula> <formula>
    Total Sales Tax <formula>  
    Total <formula> <formula>

Total Expenses




3. Calculate the tax in formulas for each category. Sales Tax Rates are different for states and counties. Find the Tax Rates in your county: https://tax.virginia.gov/retail-sales-and-use-tax . Indicate in the conclusion what Sale Tax you applied.

4. Create a Bar Chart for Groceries Expenses. Title your chart.

5. Create a Pie Chart for main categories: Groceries, Entertainment and Other. Show in this chart Percentage of Total Expenses. Title your chart.

6. Write 3-5 sentences in conclusion: what is proportion of your expenses for the different positions, how you can manage it, etc. Your conclusion must have quantitative reasonings.

7. In the second row of worksheet, write your full name and class.

8. Format page in Exceluse landscape orientation. Pay attention to charts: they have to be visible as a whole piece.

9. Safe the file with your full name, Upload the file in Canvas -> Assignments. The Extension of file must be xls or xlsx.

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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