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[Solution] Final Literature Review

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Recent Orders

Final Literature Review

A Literature Review differs somewhat from a traditional research paper. Unlike a research paper, wherein you make your own original claim and back it up with sources, a literature review functions more like a report of current research topics related to the exigence you’ve chosen. You’re still making an argument of sorts: that your exigence is worth further study, and in order to determine what we should focus on next, we need to look at what is currently being done. It is the way your organize your sources that will support that claim.


When done properly, a literature review will get anyone with no knowledge of the exigence caught up on:

1. Why it matters and

2. What the most important aspects of the exigence are right now.


Intro – Introduce us to the exigence, tell us why it’s important, and convince us that it’s worth more research. What will be gained from further exploration of the topic?


Subtopic 1 – Paraphrase and combine several of your sources to showcase one important aspect of the exigence that is currently being discussed in the field. The key here is to put your sources in conversation; In other words, smoosh them together as much as you can to showcase why this topic is important to the larger exigence, how it contributes to the overall situation, and what is currently being said about it.


Remember to add the parenthetical at the end of your paraphrase! Even if it isn’t a direct quotation, not adding the parenthetical at the end technically makes it plagiarism!


Subtopic 2


Subtopic 3


Conclusion – Here’s why it matters, here’s what we can do with this information, and this is what I suggest we learn more about next in order to continue moving forward with solving the exigence: ____.





Word count: Minimum 1600 WORDS

Sources: Use at least 7 of your 10 sources from your annotated bibliography

More paraphrase than direct quotations (limit of THREE direct quotations; the rest must be paraphrased).

All information from sources, whether directly quoted or paraphrased, is correctly formatted.

Bolded, labeled headers for each section (INTRO, SUBTOPIC 1, SUBTOPIC 2, SUBTOPIC 3 and Conclusion) – but don’t call it “subtopic 1.” Actually name the subtopic so I know what it is.

Proper, consistent citations in a single style

Double spaced

Times New Roman

12 point font

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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