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[Solution] Sexual health

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Recent Orders

Write five examples of “You” statements. Then change each statement so that it is an “I” statement. Write a paragraph explaining the difference between “You” and “I” statements, as well as their use in good sexual communication. HINT: You may wish to make informed reference to information in the text (including pages 202-225) regarding communication in intimate relationships in your explanatory paragraph.    Construct FOUR (4) different scenarios. Each scenario should have two individuals who will be discussing a sexually related topic. You are to describe who the individuals are, their relationship to each other, who wants to bring up the conversation, what the issue is that needs to be discussed, and finally, two or three specific examples of how this conversation could be started. Be as brief as needed. Lesson Notes: Communication Why is it so difficult to talk about sex? With relationship partners? Family members?Communication is an asset in developing a relationship that’s satisfying and enduring. The key to good communication is mutual empathy. However, there are many difficulties standing in the way of good communication concerning sexuality. For example, our socialization in the United States has prevalent messages that increase shame and discomfort regarding sexuality. There is also a dearth of positive role models in the media, but many negative role models for communication about sexuality. Further difficulties include limited vocabularies on sexual matters, gender-based differences in how we think it is appropriate to discuss sexuality, and a general anxiety around sexuality communication.So with all of these barriers, how is one expected to start a conversation? One method of ice breaking is using a “teachable moment” to bring up a difficult topic. A teachable moment involves the serendipitous raising of a sexual topic in everyday life. For example, you may be watching a television show or movie with a loved one when a topic is raised that you would like to discuss. That is a great time to start a conversation. You could also refer to something you experienced in your everyday life as a way to start a conversation. You could reference something in the media, on the news, in a column you read, or even your online sexuality course! Another method is to talk about talking. Simply discussing the fact that is difficult or awkward to talk about sexuality is a good way to break the ice and get started discussing an issue. A third method is to read something with whom you want to discuss a certain topic. The written word may be less threatening to you both. Lastly, sharing sexual histories is a great way to get a conversation about sexuality going.Read the text to learn about methods for developing better communication skills, learning about how to discover your partner’s needs as well as communicate your own, and giving and receiving criticism.Even with well developed communication skills, though, talking may not solve every problem. There may be impasses that cannot be solved. In these cases, it is best to either agree to disagree; take a break from each other, with an agreement to re-address the issue at a later time; grant each other your own beliefs; and/or consider counseling.


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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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