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Akia Radvhelvist; Organization Chief Akia Radvhelvist’s functional characteristics are directly related to his emotional intelligence and his self-perception as a quasi-celebrity and motivator of the masses. He clearly possesses an above average grasp of individual and group psychology which he attempts to operationalize as opportunities are presented. He is highly charismatic with well-developed propagandistic and public relations skill-sets. He is self-disciplined and appears to possess a personal code of honor that is tied to, but ultimately transcends ideology. Akia Radvhelvist seems to see his ideological obligations as inclusive of a holistic systems-oriented approach that emphasizes not only idealistic and pristine religious behavior, but also the need for a more practical strategy that encapsulates humanitarian, educational and Fohikini idelogical-inspired political goals. Akia Radvhelvist holds his public persona in very high regard. It has become a treasured and cleverly employed component of his operational personality. He would probably rather sacrifice his life than relinquish the associated prestige. It is that relationship combined with his affection for the media, which accounts for his image and rhetorical platform. Without the relationship or the media, Akia Radvhelvist is just another obscure extremist and he knows it. Reporting suggests Akia Radvhelvist is careful in choosing his rhetoric. As with the case of his efforts toward development of strategy, he offers little, if any, original thinking choosing instead to parrot the standard and well-worn ideological precepts and language. In preaching the original ideas and core beliefs of the Fohikini idelogical-inspired Motivational Group through the media, Akia Radvhelvist is trying to strike an honorable ideological chord with his audience. He knows that a perception of honor equates to authenticity and may eventually win the respect and approval of his listeners. He hopes to be recognized as a wise leader whose beliefs, values, convictions and ideas are worth supporting and fighting for. The strategy offers the simultaneous value of helping to establish his personal legacy. Akia Radvhelvist’s involvement in mediation efforts, motivational speaking and his information operations tendencies indicate he has an above-average understanding of and appreciation for human nature. He likely has a facility with words that allow skilled communication and facilitate organizational development. He is almost assuredly persuasive, clear and concise. He is probably rarely misunderstood. Akia Radvhelvist seems to have moderately developed perceptual ability that enables a grasp of time and space essential to achieve desired indoctrination objectives—he understands and can adapt to his audience. His speech and mannerisms likely convey commitment and dedication and he knows how to stay on message when challenged. When it comes to getting the word out or endorsing the cause, Akia Radvhelvist appears to be a dedicated ideologue of resolute determination. For Akia IINTELLIGENCE BEHAVIOR PROFILE RTX657201109 CLASSIFICATION//EXERCISE//EXERCISE//EXERCISE 2 Radvhelvist, outbound messages involve attempts to define reality, at least as it relates to outsiders, for the many audiences on whom Fohikini Motivational Group depends. In other words, as far as Akia Radvhelvist is concerned, the message is a critical activity in the construction of social reality because it helps shape the perspectives through which potential supporters and members see Akia Radvhelvist Motivational Group. Those who successfully construct psychological operations messages and recruit others into organizations tend to be adept at “framing”. Some learn to frame messages through formal education while others seem to have an innate ability. The latter appears to be the case with Akia Radvhelvist (whether he knows it or not). Framing is conceptually connected to the underlying psychological processes that people use to examine information, to make judgments, and to draw inferences about the world around them. Framing is an important skill aimed at influencing targeted players at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and societal levels. People who are adept at framing messages for others tend to be highly critical and introspective of messages to which they themselves are exposed. For example, a public relations specialist who develops advertising for one company would be adept at spotting and questioning the marketing tactics of another. For this reason, IO efforts aimed at Akia Radvhelvist should be rather sophisticated and well-considered. (U//FOUO) Akia Radvhelvist appears to have pronounced group-building skills. In the context of this profile, a coalition is either a temporary or long-term alliance or partnering of groups in order to achieve a common purpose or to engage in joint activity. Disrupting Akia Radvhelvist’s group- building activities and liaison with Akia Radvhelvist Motivational Group would significantly impact his operational effectiveness, credibility and legitimacy. Coalition building is the process by which parties (individuals, organizations, or nations) come together to form a coalition. Forming coalitions with other groups of similar values interests, and goals allows members to combine their resources and become more powerful than when they each act alone. The ability to build coalitions is a basic skill for Akia Radvhelvist if he wishes to attain and maintain power and influence. Through coalitions, weaker parties to a conflict can increase their power. Coalition building is the primary mechanism through which disempowered parties can develop their power base and thereby better defend their interests. Coalitions may be built around any issue. The formation of a coalition can shift the balance of power in a conflict situation for Akia Radvhelvist and alter the future course of any targeted conflict. Leaders who pool their resources and work together are generally more powerful and more able to advance their interests, than those who do not. Akia Radvhelvist may be able to resist certain threats or even begin to make counter threats based on coalition-power alone. Generally, low-power groups are much more successful in defending their interests against the dominant group if they work together as a coalition. Akia Radvhelvist knows this is certainly more effective than fighting among themselves and/or fighting the dominant group alone. For Akia Radvhelvist, building alliances probably involves a series of steps. The early steps center on the recognition of compatible interests. Sometimes this happens naturally. Other times potential coalition members must be persuaded that forming an alliance would be to their benefit. CLASSIFICATION//EXERCISE//EXERCISE//EXERCISE 3 For Akia Radvhelvist, the benefits of coalition (consensus) building go beyond increased power in relation to his opposition. Coalition building is important to Akia Radvhelvist because it may also strengthen group internally, enabling them to be more effective in other arenas. Akia Radvhelvist likely appreciates that alliances bring more expertise and resources to bear on complex issues, where the technical or personnel resources of group alone would not be sufficient. He is aware that alliances will increase the impact of the Fohikini Motivational Group effort and that it means there are more people who have a better understanding of his issues and more people advocating for his ideology and strategy. Akia Radvhelvist appears to be a charismatic, empowering and empathetic leader. He seems to be adept at inspiring followers and generating some level of excitement among them so that they perform beyond expectations. Akia Radvhelvist’s charisma is usually for influencing potential group members need for achievement while his empathic behavior stimulates the followers’ need for affiliation. Group power is enhanced by Akia Radvhelvist’s empowerment practices. Akia Radvhelvist’s leadership behaviors promote clearer role perceptions among subordinates, improved task performance and greater ideological satisfaction. They also promote stronger collective identity and group cohesiveness, and willingness toward stronger self-leadership among believing subordinates. Akia Radvhelvist tends to use his charisma as a means to employ relationship strategies involving three core components; envisioning, empathy, and empowerment. Envisioning involves creating an overall picture of a desired future state with which people can identify and which can generate excitement. The creation and communication of a shared vision is one of the most prominent characteristics of Akia Radvhelvist. Akia Radvhelvist appears capable of formulating a vision that clarifies idealized goals and then articulates values attractive to his peers and followers. The vision makes Akia Radvhelvist more admirable and more worthy of being identified as important in the eyes of followers. In addition to formulating a vision, Akia Radvhelvist has proven adept at communicating his vision and infusing his group’s mission with a larger sense of purpose and greater intrinsic appeal. The most significant role of Akia Radvhelvist may be to articulate ideological goals to widespread audiences. A charismatic leader specifies a vision that is greatly discrepant from the status quo. The articulation of a vision and the creation of new goals for followers are central elements for the success of Akia Radvhelvist and may present vulnerabilities that can be impacted by an effective IO campaign. (U//FOUO) Despite being a charter member of Fohikini Motivational Group, Akia Radvhelvist is a conflict profiteer and independent-acting hardliner. He possesses significant strategic planning and financial-facilitation skills. He has displayed both inclusive and divisive personality traits which indicate an ability to present different messages to different audiences as he deems fit. As a combatant, he is well-rounded, deliberative and respected.


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